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Solar Power Bendigo

For Solar Hot Water and Power Solutions

Switching to solar power is one of the most effective ways you can save on your energy bills with the added benefit of helping the environment. At Solaworks Bendigo we have the solar hot water and solar pv power system solutions for your home or business including advice, installation, maintenance and guaranteed savings.

Our aim is to provide all clients with helpful and professional service provided by our fully qualified and licenced technicians. This means all your solar energy requirements are assessed, installed and maintained by a reliable, efficient and affordable team that is committed to excellent results.

Bendigo Solar Hot Water Systems

A hot water system generally uses the most energy in your home and, with Australia’s abundant sunshine, it makes sense to power your hot water service with this free energy source. Switching to a solar hot water system means your bills are reduced and you are helping the environment. At Solaworks we can provide you with:

Solar Power Systems Bendigo

Solar pv (photovoltaic) power systems harness the sun’s energy to generate electricity for your home or business. This is a cost effective, reliable and sustainable energy solution that will give you a considerable reduction in your energy bills. There is also the added benefit that Bendigo solar panel installation will add to the value of your home. We provide you with:

Bendigo Solar Home Energy Services

Solaworks can take care of all your Bendigo solar power requirements including solar energy assessments,hot water and power installation as well as all follow up maintenance and a 24 hour emergency call out service.

Call the Bendigo solar energy specialists – at Solaworks we aim to help you reduce your bills and help build a sustainable future.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are powered by the sun. In Australia this is an obvious means of generating energy as we use the sun – a clean, renewable source – to heat our water. The result is reduced power bills and a healthier environment. At Solaworks Bendigo we believe the benefits of installing a solar...

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Solar Energy Systems

Installing solar power systems is a brilliant way to take advantage of the world’s most powerful energy source and counter rising energy costs. You can reap endless benefits from installing a pv power system in combination with a solar hot water system, or simply on its own. Any solar panel or solar power installation comes...

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Solar Services

Solaworks provides clients with a range of solar home energy services to ensure you receive the best solar product for you. This means we provide: Bendigo Solar Energy Assessments Solar power and panel installation and Ongoing Bendigo solar hot water system maintenance or PV solar power system maintenance. Installing solar energy products in your home...

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