Solar Power Systems Bendigo

Installing solar power systems is a brilliant way to take advantage of the world’s most powerful energy source and counter rising energy costs. You can reap endless benefits from installing a pv power system in combination with a solar hot water system, or simply on its own.

Any solar panel or solar power installation comes with Government rebates which are a valuable incentive to installing solar home energy. Talk to our friendly and professional staff who will advise you on the best pv power system for your requirements and you will reap a string of benefits when you decide to go ahead withsolar panel installation.

Contact us about our Bendigo solar power installations service and ongoing maintenance of your solar power system. We are your local specialist.

Benefits of Solar PV Systems

Once you decide to switch to a solar power system you will never look back – the benefits of pv power systems are hard to pass by. The two main benefits of solar power installations are cheaper – or no – energy bills and a cleaner environment. Electricity generated by a solar power system is...

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How Solar PV Systems work

Solaworks supplies Solarhart power system products that have been designed specifically for the Australian climate and, put simply, our solar panels generate electricity from the sun. The roof mounted pv (photovoltaic) panels collect the sun’s light and convert the energy into a DC current. This is fed through an inverter and converted to 240V electricity...

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Solar Energy PV Products

Solaworks Bendigo supplies top quality solar power products from the SolaHart range – all quality assured systems. You can select either the Solahart System or Solahart Premium Systems depending on your particular requirements. The Solahart solar power systems are renowned for being among the most efficient in the world delivering more power for each watt...

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Energy Rebates & Incentives

Never has there been more incentive to install solar power systems than now – you receive some fantastic Government rebates when you take the solar energy option. Some of the incentives include: Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (STCs) – All our clients qualify for STCs. The number depends on the size of the system being...

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