Solar Power Systems Bendigo Energy Rebate

Never has there been more incentive to install solar power systems than now – you receive some fantastic Government rebates when you take the solar energy option.

Some of the incentives include:

  • Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (STCs) – All our clients qualify for STCs. The number depends on the size of the system being installed.
  • Solar Credits Scheme: This is where the client gets 3 times the number of STCs for the first 1.5kW of the system capacity which can drastically reduce the cost of a system.
  • Feed in Tarrifs: A further financial incentive to switch to solar power. Under this system you use the electricity you generate. Electricity can be bought at night when you aren’t generating it and any excess generated during the day can be sold back to your electricity provider.This results in a credit on your electricity bill.

Contact us at Solaworks for any information or advice you need on solar power rebates. We can also help with explaining the many benefits of solar power installations.