Why Choose Solar Hot Water Systems Bendigo?

Solar hot water systems are powered by the sun. In Australia this is an obvious means of generating energy as we use the sun – a clean, renewable source – to heat our water. The result is reduced power bills and a healthier environment.

At Solaworks Bendigo we believe the benefits of installing a solar hot water system are many, including Government incentives that provide hot water solar rebates throughout Victoria. We supply one of Australia’s most popular solar hot water system products – SolaHart. This means you receive the best quality solar hot water heating systems at the best price and installed by our professional and qualified staff.

Talk to our fully qualified staff at Solaworks. We specialise in Bendigo solar hot water installation and providing top quality solar hot water systems so you can happily save money and help the environment at the same time.

Benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

Installing a solar hot water system has an immense number of benefits all of which add up to saving hundreds of dollars and helping the environment. The many benefits include: Cheaper power bills A reliable hot water service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week An increase in the value of your home Bendigo...

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How Solar Hot Water Systems Work

Harnessing solar energy as a power source is an affordable and sustainable way of having an efficient and effective hot water system in your home. At Solaworks we supply the renowned Solahart products which are durable, reliable and proven solar hot water systems. We have systems ranging from roof-mounted systems to heat pumps which don’t...

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Solar Hot Water Products

At Solaworks Bendigo we supply the quality range of SolaHart solar hot water systems. SolaHart is the leading manufacturer of solar water heaters in Australia – a proven, respected and affordable brand that is guaranteed to reduce your power bills as well as help the environment. We supply the following solar hot water systems: Thermosiphon...

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Government Rebates & Incentives

If saving energy and helping the environment aren’t enough to convince you to put in a hot water system, the Government solar hot water rebates will be. As part of a move to create a more energy conscious country, the Federal and Victorian Governments have rebates to significantly reduce the cost of buying and installing...

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