How our Bendigo Solar Hot Water Systems Work

Harnessing solar energy as a power source is an affordable and sustainable way of having an efficient and effective hot water system in your home. At Solaworks we supply the renowned Solahart products which are durable, reliable and proven solar hot water systems.

We have systems ranging from roof-mounted systems to heat pumps which don’t use collector panels to store the sun’s energy. These technologies are State of the Art and designed to provide continuous hot water with minimum energy use.

These are:

  • Roof-mounted Thermosiphon Systems – Dark collector roof panels absorb the sun’s heat and heats the water in the collector panel. The heated water rises to the top of the panel and into the storage cylinder. This displaces the cold water which flows to the bottom of the panel to start the process again.
  • Streamline Split Systems – This consists of a low-key roof mounted collector panel and a storage tank at ground level. Water winthin the roof collectors absorb heat from the sun. This is then pumped down to the storage tank onto the ground. Cool water in this tank is then pumped up to the roof  collectors to begin the process again.
  • Heat Pump – This system doesn’t have collector panels but uses efficient heat pump technology to extract heat from the surrounding air to heat the water.

All systems have an electric back up function.

For more information on our solar hot water systems and installation call Solaworks. We have all the information you need – solar hot water system products, installation and maintenance as well as solar hot water rebates. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.