Bendigo Solar Power Maintenance

At Solaworks Bendigo our solar energy service not only involves solar power installations, we provide our clients with ongoing maintenance of your solar system to ensure it is working efficiently and effectively and you are reaping the benefits of reduced bills and convenient solar power.

All of our technicians are qualified and highly experienced in the installation and maintenance of solar hot water systems and solar pv power systems. We firmly believe regular servicing is a key factor to extending the life of your solar system and keeping it running efficiently and safely.

Our solar hot water system and solar power system maintenance checklist includes:

  • Checking wiring to ensure no damage is caused by UV rays, heat or vermin
  • The array modules are free of defects or damage
  • The framing integrity is free from corrosion and all fixings are tight
  • Cable terminations are secure and free from corrosion
  • Junction boxes are water tight
  • Switches are all operating ok
  • Safety warnings are all visible
  • Output is at the acceptable level

For more information on our Bendigo solar power maintenance program contact us. We are available for 24 hour call out as well as provide free solar energy assessments and qualified Bendigo solar panel installation.